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A meeting held   at Gilgit Balitistan house Islalmabad

A meeting related to the rehabilitation of flood , IDPS of terrorism and earthquake  of Gilgit Balitistan and KPK particularly  Chitral held here in GB house Islamabad. The delegation of Northern CCB Pakistan met  on the invitation of Mulana Attaullah Shahab member Gilgit -Baltistan Council and Ex Advisor to the prime Minister of Pakistan. On the occasion various topic were discussed particularly the settlement of affected people of both GB & Chitral and long term strengthening the deep rooted relation for the  preservation of culture and tradition of both provinces. Mulana sahib also highlighted the situation raised in shandur festival  and hope once again  this polo festival would be successfully observed in 2016.He also appreciated the services of Northern CCB Pakistan and encouraged for future get together various projects for GB & Chitral.

The delegation was headed by Shahzada Ibrahim CEO Northern CCB Pakistan & representative of UN department of Economic & Social Council New York for KPK and GB.

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